[plug] mta differences

Shayne O'Neill shayne at guild.murdoch.edu.au
Mon Apr 19 23:16:14 WST 2004

I've used dovecot in some reasonably large enviro's and its operation is
flawless? your not playing silly buggers with tarball installs against
wierd librarys or anything?

"Must not Sleep! Must warn others!"
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On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Ben Jensz wrote:

> Craig Ringer wrote:
> > Fair enough.
> >
> >FYI, while there are problems with Cyrus and Outlook clients, it's used
> >by a lot of _very_ large sites (big universities and ISPs, tens and
> >hundreds of thousands of accounts), so I presume the issues aren't
> >impossible to solve. I haven't paid that much attention, as I don't have
> >to deal with OE or Lookout.
> >
> >
> Well I'm definitely going to be ditching Dovecot ASAP, this morning is
> the third time it has just died without anything being logged.
> Let this be a warning to anyone thinking of using dovecot in a
> production environment.... it just doesn't seem to be up to the task.
> / Ben
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