[plug] mta differences

Bill Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Tue Apr 20 10:23:25 WST 2004

If you are accessing the same account as I and my wife do, the faults
evolutions - it graps an imap connection and doesnt let go until
forced.  outlook actually works with other mailers in a nicer fashion in
this way.  2xOutlook seems ok, 1xoutlook and 1x evo is sorta ok, 2x
evolution accessing the same mail account is a real pain! - I actually
have to do a forced shutdown on my home evo client to allow my work
access to be unimpeded (delete an email in one and it doesnt update in
the other and so on)


On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 09:32, Michael Hunt wrote:
> Someone wrote :-
> > FYI, while there are problems with Cyrus and Outlook clients, it's
> > used by a lot of _very_ large sites (big universities and ISPs, 
> > tens and hundreds of thousands of accounts), so I presume the issues
> > aren't impossible to solve. I haven't paid that much attention, as
> > I don't have to deal with OE or Lookout.
> I use Cyrus @ home with Evolution on my Linux work station (Debian Sid).
> My wife on the other hand uses Outlook 2000 on a Windows XP box.
> Consistently she gets an error message saying that the connection to the
> IMAP server timed out and that she is now offline (in the mail sense).
> Usually a restart, send/receive or just waiting for a few minutes fixes
> the problem. At first I thought there was some problem with Outlook then
> with my config of Cyrus (rock solid and running the same version on a
> Debian Woody box for quite some time - not looking forward to doing the
> upgrade on it when sarge comes out though). However it seems that it is
> really a combination of the two pieces of software that causes the
> problem and is not simply an issue of changing a config or two. More
> than likely M$ has implemented the client side incorrectly though with
> other IMAP servers it works perfectly fine.
> Question for those that are using Cyrus in a production environment what
> are you using for your MTA ??? I'm using EXIM simply because it is the
> default woody MTA and has an easy to use and get up and working install
> script. Is anyone else using postfix with cyrus and if so what has been
> your experience ??? 
> Michael Hunt
> BTW I told my wife that she wouldn't have this problem if she ran linux.
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