[plug] Novell Brainshare videos

Chris Caston caston at arach.net.au
Tue Apr 20 19:32:11 WST 2004


I just read the following comment on OSnews:


  re NOVELLinux  By Zeke (IP: ---.d.umn.edu) - Posted on 2004-04-20
01:41:36 I think it would be easier for them to roll out SUSE than
Debian. If you watched the Brainshare videos, they showed how it was
done. The computer ran some software that saved all the user's settings
from Windows to a back up space on the network. It also saved some
information on what applications the machine had installed. After that
was done, the computer rebooted, and went into the SUSE installer. It
got a IP address and went into install, fetching the settings from the
Backup. It then installs the equivalent programs and once all installs
re applies all your settings and imports your information. After the
machine reboots, you have a Linux desktop that is almost *exactly* like
it was before with Windows, all your email has been imported and your
account is set up, your documents are all there, etc.. Even your
wallpaper is the same! 

It beats ghosting 5000 machines and figuring out which machines need 
what and doing manual backups, etc...

According to this website:

You can "buy" some of the recordings and slideshows. Has anyone seen
this video in question or know what technology they used?


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