[plug] Monday night at UCC ??

Senectus - senectuskal at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 22 17:05:18 WST 2004

great :-)
I think I'll see if someone can show me the ins and outs of kernel 
building.. even if it is debian ;-)

Thats one of my bug bears..

Would it be rude to bring in two machines? as I want to do one as a desktop 
and the other as a router/gateway/webserver and minimal firewall... but both 
require configurations that are beyond my limited experiance...

oh I'll bring in the big arsed hub I am donating to PLUG, will there be 
someone from PLUG there to take it?


“I don’t think Bastard goes anywhere near to describing the unmitigated scum 
sucking, bottom feeding toerag that is me. But hey – who knew shit could be 
worth so much…”  - Simon Travaglia BOFH (Could have easily been Darl McBride 
that said it though)

>In message <BAY14-F16Hbx4Rrnu2C000723e8 at hotmail.com>
>on Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 08:38:36AM +0000, Senectus - wrote:
> > the monday night workshop still going ahead ??
> > (being a public holiday and all...)
>I can't speak for the workshop crew, but UWA's academic calendar
>doesn't know the meaning of "public holiday" :-)
>PS. Although I don't think the annotation for 26 April is correct
>at the above web page, the 'Action' column is correct as far as I
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