[plug] Singing the praises of KDE 3.2

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Thu Apr 22 22:42:40 WST 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 14:01, Leon Brooks wrote:
> Upgraded to this recently (Mandrake 10.0). If you use KDE, you need to 
> upgrade as well! (-:

The first thing I noticed was that it's _fast_. Really fast. It still
takes a little while to load, but once it's going it's incredibly snappy
and responsive. The QT folks clearly did a really good job, and the KDE
folks are doing rather well too.

KDE and QT-based apps have also dramatically improved in speed when it
comes to operation over remote X. KDE3.2 is dramatically faster even
than many 'lightweight' desktops over remote X. In particular, it leaves
XFCE4 in the dust.

> If you do web design and have never used Konqueror, allow me to 
> introduce you to the conveniences of one-click page validation; of 
> one-click referral to a variety of HTML editors, other browsers, 
> whatever; and the "fish" protocol, which logs onto your server securely 
> via SSH, then just treats it like a local directory tree. No need for 
> FTP or funny extensions, and of course you can bookmark it or save it 
> as a part of a "view profile".

Oh, with Konqueror we again come back to "and really, really fast." I
like clicking on my browser button in the taskbar and having it open
before I can move my mouse to it - on my PIII/800 laptop.

Craig Ringer

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