[plug] ATO Portal under Linux (including ECI)

Russ Powers russ at powerstech.com
Fri Apr 23 15:14:54 WST 2004

--- Onno Benschop <onno at itmaze.com.au> wrote: 
> BAS on-line. (And then all I need to do is migrate away from MYOB and
> I'm MS-free :-)

I finally got myob working under wine.

> So, while I'm waiting for an email from the ATO, I figured I'd ask if
> you were in a position to assist - eg. you had an ECI certificate, you
> used Linux, you could install stuff and you would be interested in
> assisting to figure out how to make this work.

I don't have an ECI certificate and I'm not a java programmer but I have a 
business and use linux and would like to be able to lodge my BAS over the 
net. So I'll help if I can.

> It is my intention to reply to the ATO message with a copy of the email
> I sent them already (they keep forwarding it to each-other without the
> attachments) showing my progress to date - with screen-shots,
> installer-logs, JavaVM logs, etc.
> I'd like to include the names of a few of you who'd be happy to assist
> in getting this to actually work.
> Now I'm not guessing that we'd get paid, nor that we'd get anything more
> than a thanks from the ATO (if that), but I'm banking that with our help
> we have a good chance of being able to lodge our BAS on-line from our
> Linux Desktop all the sooner.
> I've already offered to write a HowTo when this actually happens.
> So is there any interest - that is, have you read to here, did you get
> what I'm proposing, are you willing and able to help?
> PS. I know that we could start a debate about the benefits of their
> method of implementation - Java vs. Web-site etc. but while I may agree
> with you that there are other (simpler - more compatible) ways to lodge
> your BAS, this is not the purpose of my endeavour. I figure that this is
> already in place, we can improve it incrementally and perhaps there are
> reasons for their method that I don't know about.
> Cheers,
> Onno Benschop 


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