[plug] DVD/CD-RW Combo Drives

Michael Collard quadfour at iinet.net.au
Sun Apr 25 16:29:36 WST 2004

My situation is probably unique. I was running cdrecord-2.01a18-prodvd
and everything was sweet except for annoying bugs writing DVDs. I tried
a few other versions, and cdrecord-2.01a28-prodvd was the only other
version that would work with my drive (Pioneer 107D).

The only drawback to this version is no SCSI support which doesn't seem
to bother any of my drives, and actually seems to work better without
using ide-scsi.

Michael Collard

On Sun, 2004-04-25 at 16:01, Cameron Patrick wrote:
> Michael wrote:
> | I don't think this applies to 2.6.3 kernels but you will probably want to 
> | use ATAPI burning. ide-scsi burning is unreliable and doesn't even 
> | work with cdrecord-proDVD 2.01a2something or newer on my DVD-R/CD-RW 
> | drive. I also had to flash the drive to get 8x burning, and that also had 
> | a side effect of disabling region locking etc. :)
> Interesting.  I found that under 2.6.0-test my {DVD,CD}-RW would not
> burn anything at all in ATAPI mode, and with 2.6.3 it would burn DVDs
> burn not CDs.  (That's with dvd+rw-tools, not cdrecord-proDVD.)  With
> 2.4.x and ide-scsi it works with cdrecord too.
> Cameron.
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