[plug] Wireless Woes - Solved

John Usher (Maptek) John.Usher at perth.maptek.com.au
Sun Apr 25 17:26:41 WST 2004

Ahhh! Half duplex device one end, full duplex device the other. Always a good way to cause a collision.
Combine that with the half duplex 802.11 and you're getting half of half of ... ;-)
(Not to be confused with two thirds of four fifths of f... ... although it sometimes seems close!)
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	G'day all,
	Dunno if anyone might find this interesting, but I solved my transfer rate woes by placing a
	dodgy-brothers 10/100 4 port mini-switch in between the WAP11 and DWL-900AP+. I now get 450kb/s in
	each direction.
	I have never seen ethernet ports not compatible enough to work properly over a crossover cable, but
	the WAP11 is 10BaseT and the DWL-900AP+ is 100BaseT and this seemed to be enough to get them to choke.
	Interesting as the stats page did not list any dropped ethernet packets.
	Anyway, that's my story!
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