[plug] Power Transformer??

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Mon Apr 26 17:33:44 WST 2004

Senectus - wrote:

| The HUB needs "5vdc 5.0A" and the tranformer will do (among much higher or 
| lower settings) either "4.5vdc or 6vdc" and 500mA...
| My question is, does anyone know if it really matters that much if its 
| .5vdc lower that required or 1vdc higher???

It might, but you're not going to get 5A out of a 0.5A transformer :-/
0.5V lower might work, but ideally though you'd power with a 5V
transformer.  Surely they shouldn't be too hard to find!?

*peeks at Jaycar web site* Hmm, 5V seems surprisingly uncommon.
Jaycar have a 5A, 5V regulated supply for a mere $90 - eek!  It'd
almost be cheaper to buy a new switch for that price :-(  The others
the stock seem to be lower current (e.g. 2.5A or less) or other


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