X11 "built-in"? [was: Re: [plug] [busmgr at auug.org.au: Apple Developer Seminar]]

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Thu Apr 29 21:32:22 WST 2004

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> on Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 06:42:15PM +0800, Shayne O'Neill wrote:
> > Built in support for X11 my ass. Its an addon isnt it?
> Huh? X11 is an add-on for Debian, too -- you have install the package!
> That is, for both Mac OS X and Debian, the initial installer gives you
> the option of X11 and thus I would think X11 can be deemed "built in".
> With Mac OS X, though, if you don't take up the option, it's probably
> not obvious how to get it back (perhaps you have to boot from the
> installation CD or something).

It is on the cd or you can get it from the apple web site too. And if you
install OOo, if x11 isn't already there, the OO installer will do it for you
too.  :)

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