[plug] [revisited] mp3 downsizing

Timothy White weirdo at tigris.org
Fri Dec 31 12:03:05 WST 2004

William Kenworthy wrote:

>why not write a small wrapper script that extracts the ID3 tag using one
>of the tools available (e.g., gentoo lists ~10 possibles), downsample,
>then reinsert the tag?
I have just hacked one using perl and the mp3id program that comes with 
the libmp3-info-perl package in Debian. I'm just cleaning it up and by 
using this script it has the following features.

* Multiple input files
* Set 'artist, album, title, comment, year, tracknum' interactively or 
on command line (Don't use command line for multiple files unless they 
all share that attribute
* Auto renaming of lame output file with output format as 
../$artist-$album/$tracknum-$artist-$title ($bitrate).mp3 (Directory 
creation untested currently, may or may not work depending on input file)

Anyone interested? Should I put it on SF?


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