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SCO Partner Alert:

Mydoom or Novarg Virus Work-arounds
Mirrored availability of SCO Web site at http://www.thescogroup.com  

As you are probably aware, on Monday, January 26, a computer virus
called Mydoom (Network Associates' name) or Novarg (Symantec's name)
spread quickly across the Internet. Antivirus companies have determined
that this worm is coded such that computers infected with the Mydoom
variant are set to conduct a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack
against www.sco.com from February 1 - 12.

In short, the virus is activated when users open an innocent-looking
e-mail message that contains an attached program file (with a .bat,
.cmd, .exe, .pif, .scr, or .zip extension) which then accesses the
user's e-mail address book and sends itself to all of that user's
contacts. The offending e-mail message usually arrives with a subject
line such as "Test," "Hi," or "Mail Transaction Failed."

The SCO Group boldly condemns this latest action, and is taking several
active steps to fight against acts of cyber-terrorism such as that
launched by the creator(s) of the Mydoom virus.

* On January 27, SCO announced that we are offering a reward of up to a
total of $250,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction
of the individual(s) responsible for creating the Mydoom virus.

* SCO is working closely with U.S. law enforcement authorities including
the U.S. Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to
determine the identity of the Mydoom creator(s)

* SCO has launched a "mirrored" Web site (which provides all of the
information currently available at www.sco.com) to continue business as
usual with partners and customers - see http://www.thescogroup.com  

As a valued SCO Solution Provider, your uninterrupted, successful SCO
UNIX business is important to us. If you are unable to connect to the
information or resources that you need during the targeted dates of the
Mydoom virus, please contact SCO ANZ right away. Please call 61 2 9440
7577 or e-mail at anz_info at sco.com.  

Thank you for your continued support,

Darl McBride
President & CEO
The SCO Group

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