[plug] National Bank against open source

Lawrie Abbott lawrieabbott at iinet.net.au
Wed Feb 4 10:50:18 WST 2004

I sent an email off to the National Australia Bank

"I use Linux and Mozilla for internet banking without any problems, 
however only  Windows, Mac, IE and Netscape are mentioned in the support 
page. In fact I get a warning message saying my browser is not 
supported. Why is this? If there is a problem with Mozilla please let me 
know what the problem is and perhaps we can get it fixed."

and their response in part is

"We are aware that the standard version of Mozilla currently works with 
our site but will not be including it in the browser detection script as 
it is an open source application."

Anyone know of of a more open source (Linux/Mozilla) friendly bank?


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