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Daniel Pearson gpearson at iinet.net.au
Thu Feb 12 10:14:50 WST 2004

I second that! :-)

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On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 12:13, Alex Polglaze wrote:
> I don't consider it spam, and you certainly don't publish your commercial
> in a forum that is archived and made available to everybody on the
> That is just plain stupid.

If you'd actually taken the trouble to *read* the message I sent, you
will have noticed that *nowhere* do I actually state that this message
was SPAM. In fact, while at first I thought it was, I left it open to
interpretation and gave you the benefit of doubt because of your posting

If I hadn't, your message would already be on its way to spamcop and a
message advising my action would have been sent to this list.

What I was trying to say, perhaps not eloquently, was that if you felt
that you needed to advertise an idea in such a public forum as PLUG, it
would be a good idea to include some other information - you don't need
to "give away the store" about the idea, so innocent readers would be
able to have some clue that the message that appeared to be SPAM was in
fact an honest offer from one PLUG subscriber to another.


Shooting from the hip is one thing, not reading the message is another
thing entirely - and I won't say anything about quoting in your reply
either ;-)

On the idea of giving away the commercial idea in a public forum like
PLUG being a bad idea equates to me with the concept that source-code
should not be given away.

If your idea has any merit, it will be discussed, taken up, implemented
and rolled out. If it doesn't then it's just another idea.

Publishing it in public does not diminish the idea, nor does it in my
opinion give away any secrets - given that if your idea works, others
will notice and do the same anyway.

Seeing that you privately sent me "the idea", there is nothing stopping
me from forwarding that message to the list, thus completely negating
your concern - notice that I have not actually done that, nor do I
intend to.

Finally, in my opinion, the idea you propose would benefit from
discussion on this list, given the make-up of the membership. I would
like to take this opportunity to encourage you to actually publish your
idea and ask for feedback from the group.

Over to you...

Onno Benschop

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