[plug] Software License Evaluation

Senectus - senectuskal at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 1 11:03:10 WST 2004

>you do realize nothing in the GPL says you cant sell your software. It
>simple states that when supplying it to someone you have to make the
>source code available to them if they want it.

Yeah this is true.. Also there is the "support" risk..
ie, if you sell the product you'll be expected to give support for it, will 
the money you make from selling it cover for your time to support it?
There is also the question of responsibility.. If you sell it to do one 
thing.. and for some reason it doesn't do it or worse corrupts/deletes data 
thereby costing the purchaser bulk money, can you afford to fight it in 
court or pay insurance...?


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