[plug] GPRS under Linux

Michael Holland myk at westnet.com.au
Thu Jun 3 10:44:16 WST 2004

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Craig Ringer wrote:

> > Pricing is pretty crap.  Starting from 2.2 cents per 1KB, and they count
> OMFG. And I thought 15c/MB was steep. I think I'm going to just drop
> this whole idea - at prices like that, even a long ssh session would be

You can do better with '3' (Hutchison). Its 0.4c/kB , ie $4/MB casual
rate, and a bit less on a 'plan'. Its also faster on 3G.

I tried to access GPRS over IrDA from PalmOS to a Motorola A835 3G phone.
But no luck. The phone showed a connection, but I couln't get the PPP
working. No useful support from 3 either. I believe bluetooth is
easier.  CSD over IrDA was OK.

> $23,000/GB! I'd be laughing if I wasn't still in shock.

Sounds about right for telstra. Did you want an ISO download? :-)

> Lets hope the deployment of 3G networks results in pricing that's at
> least vaguely on this planet.

See above. Its OK for text stuff.

> The phone will be provided by work, and we're with Telstra - so I have
> no choice of provider :-(

Can you get by with 9600 baud CSD and off-peak calls?


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