[plug] gentoo emerge

Mungo TheB mungotheb at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 10 21:57:18 WST 2004

what command can you use to see what PACKAGES have been insttaled?
Probably missed it for the forest of info I'm mining through :)

I THINK I've pointed portage location to a seperate partition.
When I emerge file (after emerge -pv file) how do I get it to save a copy of 
the file so NEXT time :) can just load?

umm getting there :) and YES! a big speed diff (as far as I can tell)
still learning on machine 3 (gentoo)
dual boot on machine 2 (xp/mandrake9.2 2.4.25 tmb kern but cant get the 
it8212 working yet)
wifes dual boot machine 1 (xp/mandrake 9.2) games& internet (xp for throw 
back bits :)

just a bit on source distro's


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