[plug] spamd grinding to a halt

Russ Powers russ at powerstech.com
Wed Jun 16 16:34:08 WST 2004

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 03:32 pm, Cameron Patrick wrote:
> Russ Powers wrote:
> | I heard my server cpu clattering away in the corner. I tried to login
> | and everything was happenning really slowly as you'd expect with the cpu
> | running like that. It was so slow I finally just shut it down because I
> | couldn't do anything useful with it.
> |
> | Checking the logs after I rebooted it seems that spamassassin just keeps
> | taking longer and longer to scan emails as they come in. For example:
> How many processes is your spamd willing to spawn at once, and how
> much RAM do you have?  At a vague rule of thumb, I believe spamd takes
> up ~50mb plus ~10--20mb for each message that it's checking.  The
> default on Debian is to allow up to 10 spamd children at once, which I
> found out is not fun on a machine with 'only' 192mb RAM doing a lot of
> other things at the same time...

Only 64MB of ram, but it is a 564.840 MHz processor!  ;-)

OK, so, Is there a way to limit spamd to one process? It may make it slow but 
at least it won't kill the server.

Thanks for that Cameron.  

> Cameron.
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