kernel 2.6.6 - was Re: [plug] Sound card problem

Ian Kent raven at
Thu Jun 17 11:39:06 WST 2004

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Jim wrote:

> So - make config, make all, make modules_install, make install
>       run lilo

Isn't that just:

make menuconfig
make module_install
copy kernel and system map to location you will use in bootloader.

> I was amazed that it actually booted.  I'm using it now.
> Second problem:  no modules.  The messages file has:
>     no module symbols loaded - kernel modules not enabled
> Does this mean modules not enabled because symbols not loaded, or vice 
> versa?
> Jim
> BTW the /dev/dsp message is still there... :-(

Sounds like the device has not been found by the kernel.


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