[plug] [OT] CPU plate cleaning

James Devenish devenish at guild.uwa.edu.au
Mon May 10 21:32:16 WST 2004

In message <1084194022.1025.84.camel at syngery>
on Mon, May 10, 2004 at 09:00:23PM +0800, Chris Caston wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 20:31, Craig Ringer wrote:
> > On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 20:13, Chris Caston wrote:
> > > Do I just use IPA or what?
> > That's what I tend to use, when it's needed.
> Cool. Any particular purity?

(Although I could be disastrously wrong...) I would be pretty amused if
you had any practical choice in the matter, given that I imagine you're
going to pick a product off a retail shelf rather than order litres of
analytic reagent, for example. And, a lot of the retail IPA claims
pretty high purity anyway. I'd be incredibly surprised if your external
cleaning application required you to know what impurities are present.
More to the point, people sometimes use a diluent (e.g. water) that
itself is likely to be worse than the isopropanol. But, anyway, when
people have plain isopropanol (i.e. not pre-mixed with anything), I
think most people would go ahead and use it straight away ("suck it and
see"). There are plenty of people who use IPA like water with no ill
effects (well...don't bother drinking it). I know your question is
genuine, and it deserves a proper answer, but I'd be surprised if the
answer was something other than "don't worry about the purity".

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