[plug] scanners

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Tue Oct 5 10:53:17 WST 2004

The other choice you've got is that you can use Vuescan 
(http://www.hamrick.com/vuescan/) if your scanner isn't supported under 
Linux by sane.  Vuescan has versions for Windows, OS/X and Linux.  There 
is a list of scanners supported (and unsupported) by Vuescan here:  

Also, as a side note..  flatbed scanners with film scanning capabilities 
aren't all that fantastic really.  If you're going to be doing a lot of 
scanning of (35mm) negative and/or colour reversal film on a regular 
basis, you might want to possibly look at getting a dedicated film 
scanner.  You can pick up low-end ones for around $500-600 new.

/ Ben

anderson wrote:

> Howdy what a great morning,
> My present scanner will not handle positive, negative film.
> I was hoping to locate a scanner similar to a Canon Lide 80 that will 
> operate under Linux/Sane-project as well as Windows & at a fair price.
> Haven't had much luck so far.
> Looked at the Sane site there are many scanners supported but no 
> longer available or not available here.
> Recommendation please.
> Laurie
> NB Although not at present supported unders Sane the Canon Lide 80
> may be a good choice. There is a site where work is in progress.

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