[plug] ALC655 5.1 sound

Caleb Duggan caleb.duggan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 16:58:44 WST 2005

I recently purchased some logitech X530 speakers and, I cant seem to get  
the front center speaker to work.  I have a Realtek ALC655 sound card  
which is on my motherboard(GA7VT600 1394) and, the audio ports are  
multipurpose(so like the microphone jack is supposed to be for sub and  
front center if im using 5.1 surround).  I have tried messing with various  
options in Volume Control but i can't seem to make it work.  Anyone else  
come across this?

Also, when i do get it working, i cant plug my tv tuner into line in when  
ive got the speakers attached, is there a solution to that problem other  
than to buy a new sound card? if i must buy a new sound card, can someone  
reccomend one that will play nicely with linux?

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