[plug] Proxy module to convert common images to ASCII art?

Jonathan Young jonathan at pcphix.com
Thu Dec 8 12:06:15 WST 2005

I might be wrong, but all of the ideas so far would need to be 
implemented server side.

If you are running this stuff on the client, then you have to download 
the original pages and graphics first to convert them.

Chris, if you are talking about general browsing of any webpage, then 
you might be out of luck.

If you have the authority to install this stuff on the server, then why 
is the link from client to server costing you so much?

Nick Bannon wrote:

>On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 11:13:40PM +0800, Chris Caston wrote:
>>Is there a proxy module that one can use to convert gifs, jpgs and pngs
>>on the fly?
>I haven't seen an ASCII art version, but it would be an appropriate
>addition to WWWOFFLE or RabbIT, which will rewrite the HTML of a page as
>required. (you could turn IMG tags into text OBJECT/IFRAMEs or tables,
>RabbIT and Ziproxy will convert images to low quality JPEGs - Ziproxy is
>simpler, written in C, and doesn't fiddle with the HTML. You can combine
>Ziproxy and WWWOFFLE usefully.

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