[plug] apologies, real n00b question.

Richard Meyer meyerri at westnet.com.au
Thu Dec 8 20:17:29 WST 2005

On Thu, 2005-12-08 at 16:53 +0800, Timothy White wrote:
> > How the heck do I start another instance of startx - I used to know, but
> > I've gone absolutely blank?
> If you really have to start another X session with startx, you want
> the following:
> startx -- :1

This is exactly what I wanted, thanks to Nick, Bill and Tim - I was
trying "startx - :1" instead of using "--". I apologise for asking such
a n00b thing, but I've been wrestling with the IBM manuals all day, and
I KNEW I'd done this before, but couldn't remember HOW. Along with
everything the Mrs was on my back to get my rear into gear, because it
is my son's b'day and we were going to see the latest Harry Potter.
> But I would recommend first trying to find out what the problem is.
> Are you trying to start db2fs as the user currently running X?
> Try opening an Xterm, and running xclock, if that works, and db2fs
> doesn't work from the same Xterm, then starting another X session
> isn't going to help.

I think waht the problem was is I was signed on as my normal Id - say
"richard", and had "su"ed to root for the install, and again to db2inst1
for the "first steps" (but since the whole session was still owned by
"richard" - permissions problems.
> If your trying to start db2fs as another user, then that is your
> problem. (Does it for instance have a suid bit on the executable?
> Hence running as a different user?)
> Try (warning, this can open your xsession up to security problems)
> xhost +hostname
> This should allow anyone on that host to start things in that
> xsession. (also try xhost + and xhost +localhost to see if
> maybe that helps.)
> (Do all the xhost commands, from a terminal within the xsession).
> If you are trying to connect to a remote X session, then you need to
> enable TCP listening. In GDM there is an option, DisallowTCP and
> setting this to false is what you'll need.
> But in general. Aslong as your Xauth file is correct, and xclock can
> work from a xterminal inside your xsession, then there is no reason
> why just running db2fs from that terminal, won't work.
> But if it really does need it's own desktop, read back for instructions.

Thanks, Tim, I'll keep this as an example of what to do once I've got
past this interview tomorrow.
> Tim

Thanks to all.

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