[plug] Gentoo latest emerge and now TINY fonts in xorg

Shannon Carver shannon.carver at p-s-t.com.au
Tue Dec 13 18:25:35 WST 2005

Hi again guys,

After an emerge on Sunday, I've upgraded a bunch of stuff, including KDE 
to 3.5.  I assume a new font pack was installed or dpi setting changed, 
as all fonts in xorg are now tiny and unreadable on my monitor.  I've 
jacked up the font size in KDE's control centre which makes 
taskbars/menu's/statusbars and the like readable, but fonts are still a 
lot smaller by default in all other applications (Thunderbird, 
konqueror, nautilus to name a few).

I've also set the Displaysize identifier to 360 270 (The dimensions in 
mm of my 19" monitor), but this hasn't helped.  The fonts get larger as 
I decrease the resolution from the current resolution of 1600x1200, but 
I'd like to keep it at that. 

Has anyone any idea what may have caused this, or know where kde's 
default font DPI setting is?

Shannon Carver

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