[plug] hmmm Linus being opinionated again :-P

simon simon at chrome64.org
Wed Dec 14 09:03:31 WST 2005

Senectus . (senectus at gmail.com) wrote:
> well some bugger posted it to slashdot
> http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/12/13/1340215&tid=121&tid=131&tid=189&tid=106
> I bet Linus' ears are feeling warm  :-/
> Typically most of the /. crowd missed the point and _didn't_ read all
> the e-mails.

How does this differ from any other Slashdot story?

* Story posted to /.
* 6 whiners say its a double post
* 13 guys say its an old story
* 3 guys mirror the story and post nothing but their mirror address
* 12 guys say how its lifted verbatim from some other news site
* 35 'first posts' that arent
* 19 guys relate it somehow to soviet russia
* 1 guy completely misses the point of the article
* 53 guys argue with that guy, but themselves completely missed the point
* 93% of posters dont read the article and yet have a strong opinion on it
* most mods mod stuff down as 'flamebait' just because they dont agree with it
* the only posts to be modded up are modded as 'funny' even though they arent

Just another day in /. paradise.

Simon Scott
simon at chrome64.org
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