[plug] i have a problum

Jonathan Young jonathan at pcphix.com
Mon Dec 19 20:51:46 WST 2005

David wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> i can get on the internet with my ADSL connection. but i can not get 
> my mail off the internet at all what to do?

Glad you got the ADSL working!  What did you need to do?

What mail client do you plan on using?  I use Mozilla Thunderbird. What 
did you have in mind?  Is it installed already?

In the meantime, you can use Webmail by logging into Concept's web page 
(www.conceptual.net.au), but clearly you have email working to some 
extent because you managed to send this message!!

What point are you up to?  What are you stuck with?  As always, details 
REALLY help us solve problems.

> Do i need a firewall for this system at all?

According to the settings you sent us, your Netcomm router has a 
firewall, but it is turned off:

> Username:
> davidatt at conceptual.net.au
> IP Address              N/A
> Default Gateway         N/A
> Primary DNS             N/A
> Secondary DNS           N/A
> System Uptime
> Model                   NB5 ADSL2+
> Serial Number           none
> Firmware Version        62.51.1-004
> Ethernet MAC address    00:30:0A:34:71:28
> DSL MAC address           00:30:0A:34:71:2a
> USB MAC address         00:30:0A:34:71:29
> NAT                     Enabled
> Firewall                Disabied

Go to a web browser on a machine connected to the same network as the 
router (i.e. the machine you are on now?), type in the location to load the configuration page (assuming you have not 
changed the default IP address) and enable the Firewall settings without 
changes anything else and making sure you save them using 'save and 
reboot' or similar.

If you are using Windows XP you should have the Firewall on by default.  
If you wish to configure a software firewall for a Linux based PC, then 
some of the list members might have some suggestions.

Debian Sarge wasn't it?  To the PLUG List Members => What would we 
recommend (if anything) besides relying on the hardware firewall at the 
router, guys?

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