[plug] David's ADSL Problem

Jonathan Young jonathan at pcphix.com
Wed Dec 21 23:31:13 WST 2005

While trying to help David, Jonathan wrote:

> So your ADSL modem is connecting, but you are using your dial-up 
> connection to do your work, true?
> Does that mean that Internet and email are working properly, in Linux, 
> on the same machine that you now want to connect to your ADSL modem?
> If so, all we need to do is get your computer to network to the modem 
> and request information from your modem.  Nothing else should have to 
> change.  Once you are connected email will work just like it does on 
> the dial-up connection.
> So the next thing I would like to know is, how is your modem connected 
> - USB or Ethernet (CAT5 / blue network cable)?
> I may have some time on Friday to answer a few questions, but if not, 
> it will be next Tuesday before I am back online.
I am waiting for some answers from David to try to work out exactly what 
is an isn't working and therefore what needs to be fixed, but I have my 


> TO THE REST OF THE PLUG LIST:  Supposing that a modem is working and 
> connected and attached to you Debian Sarge based PC via Ethernet, what 
> would be the steps (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.) that you would do in an X Windows 
> session to tell your computer to use as the Default 
> Gateway with transparent proxy and DNS from the modem and to ignore 
> your dial-up connection and use the Ethernet instead.

Can some people who are more familiar with this OS than I am please post 
some really simple steps to help make the changes required.

I will take it from there if someone can remind me where to go to make 
the changes etc.

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