[plug] AMD64 Debian Box3N :D

Jonathan Young jonathan at pcphix.com
Thu Dec 22 12:12:08 WST 2005

On 12/22/2005, "Daniel Foote" <freefoote at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Actually DEP and the hardware introduced with 64-bit CPUs does work and
>> is supported by 32-bit versions of Windows.
>> The instructions being used are all 32-bit and so the 64-bit power of
>> your CPU doesn't get utilised, but the bit used for DEP is still in use
>> so definitely any version of Windows XP (and other current Windows
>> versions, perhaps?) will show the DEP options.
>> For older hardware it is OFF, for newer hardware it is ON by default, but
>> can be altered to cover more applications then just the essential
>> Windows components.
>I didn't even know that it did (I assumed that it wouldn't). When I
>get home I'll look it up and see if I can do that with it. It has XP
>SP2 on it.
>Thankyou for that.

I went to a couple of AMD conferences this year and unless I have my
wires crossed, the distinct impression that I got was that your 32-bit
OS sees a 32-bit CPU + 1-bit available for DEP (extremely simplified

Which goes to say that when your OS is up to scratch with full 64-bit CPU
support you get to utilise 63-bit with 1-bit DEP!

So non-64-bit OSES use approx 51.5% of the CPU... LOL!

- Jonathan

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