[plug] David's ADSL Problem

Harry McNally harrymc at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Fri Dec 23 10:08:00 WST 2005

Jonathan Young wrote:

>>> Therefore:
>>>> TO THE REST OF THE PLUG LIST:  Supposing that a modem is working and 
>>>> connected and attached to you Debian Sarge based PC via Ethernet, 
>>>> what would be the steps (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.) that you would do in an X 
>>>> Windows session to tell your computer to use as the 
>>>> Default Gateway with transparent proxy and DNS from the modem and to 
>>>> ignore your dial-up connection and use the Ethernet instead.
>>> Can some people who are more familiar with this OS than I am please 
>>> post some really simple steps to help make the changes required.
> This is the bit that I will still need help with from the rest of the 
> PLUG list... anyone?

Hi Jonathon and David

I'm sorry that I didn't get here earlier but Jacqueline posted the 
correct answer to David on the list some days ago.

The Computer Angels computer has a litte GUI program that Cameron wrote 
which makes selecting dial-up or bradband internet very easy.

If David is still using the dial-up modem then I think he needs to do 
what Jacqueline explained. Once again ..


1. First of all you must select the arrow above the Earth on the panel 
and choose Internet Disconnect. Wait a few moments until the dial-up 
modem lights show that you have disconnected.

2. Next, select the arrow above the spanners and then select the 
"Internet Settings" application on the menu that pops up. This is the 
one with the Earth picture next to it.

3. On the "Internet Settings" window that appears, choose the Broadband 
(ADSL) radio button in the Connection Type list.

4. Now press the Save button and __wait__ until the "Save" word on the 
button goes from grey back to black again. After that close the window 
by either pressing the Cancel button or pressing the close window (X) in 
the top right hand corner.

5. Your broadband conenction should now be running. Please open the 
browser and check that you can surf somewhere and also send yourself a 
test email. If either of these fail then get back to us and we will have 
to understand what would make your Computer Angels system work 
differently from everyone elses.[0]

Please be aware too that you don't need to use the Internet Connect or 
Internet Disconnect buttons anymore. Just make sure your ADSL modem is 
on when you start the computer and the internet will just "be there".

All the best

[0] For PLUGers, for our ADSL connection we are relying on all the 
modems being set-up to handle the ppoOE/A, authentication, and hand out 
IP using DHCP. We haven't found any ISPs yet who expect the PC to do 
pppOE. If any do, please tell us so we can recommend an alternative 

We are also a Westnet reseller if you are setting up an ISP account for 
someone this Christmas. All the commissions help us pay the rent :-)
Choose the Westnet sign-up on our front page:

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