[plug] Urgent need of a SCSI cable or adapter - prefer SOR.

Michael Hunt michael at aussie.oddsocks.net
Thu Dec 29 23:42:53 WST 2005

Hiya all,

It appears that finally my old Digital Prioris server has died and I
need to recover some data off of the SCSI drives. The Prioris has
'Integrated Fast-Wide SCSI-2 controllers' and I suspect it may be that
the controller has died or the cable was stuffed, at this stage I'm not
quite sure what it was originally. I'm thinking its cable as one of the
connectors came apart from the cable as I was checking all the
connections. The original error was a SCSI timeout hence the reason for
checking the connectors/cable etc. I had knocked out one of the cables
when I was moving the box and I think that was the start of the
problems. On the positive side all the drives seem okay in that they
power up and I can hear and feel them spinning.

(For further details on the Prioris hardware see HP's web page for specs
which amazingly are still available even though we are talking early
90's era hardware from a manufacturer that was brought out by Compaq who
merged with HP etc.)


What I am hoping is that someone on the list may have an old controller
card or cables lying around that I can beg, borrow or buy from them for
the purposes of data recovery. All I really need is some config files
in /etc and my maildir and some other stuff from /home.

The drives that are in the system are a mix of wide and narrow. At the
moment speed is not the issue (data recovery is) and unfortunately
backup consists of tape on the same SCSI subsystem (that's smart :-). I
do have some wide to narrow converters (i.e convert from the wide ribbon
cable connector to the narrow connector or HD68 Female --> IDC50 Female
- see http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/scsi_connecters.html for pics
of connectors) but nothing the other way. A plain narrow scsi cable
would help me get the tape working on an old Adaptec controller I have
in another box, but getting stuff directly off of the drives would be
better as my last backup was a while ago. I seem to remember that the
home partition was on the wide drive so I'll need a wide cable if some
one has one.

Anyhow drive details are here if some one needs further info.



Hope someone can help with their box of spares :-)

Michael Hunt

P.S. The Linux side of this is that my new box is going to be a Ubuntu
install where as the old box was a Debian sarge install.

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