[plug] IPTV Linux server software

Chris Caston caston at arach.net.au
Fri Dec 30 16:13:57 WST 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-30 at 12:08, William Kenworthy wrote:
> VLC?
> We had some students that put together a system suited to a motel or
> similar.  From memory (was a year or so back) the VLC server ran on
> redhat, used mysql and a frontend written in C++ to control selection on
> the server.  Not sure about playback, but probably used the standard vlc
> player (cross platform)
> They didnt seem to run into too many problems from memory.
> BillK

Thanks Bill,

Which do you think would be easier (in terms of getting it done and
making at least some profit) the VLC || Mytv VODs or setting up
Asterisk/wireless VOIP as a landline replacement option for caravan park
permanent residents.  

I always get lots of ideas of projects and I start on them then the
phone rings and I have to run out and fix some Windows PCs. 

Then I get an idea for another project and start on that one without
finishing the first. I really need to get a solid project for 2006 so I
can show that I have at least finished something.

Maybe there is someone that can mentor me to keep me or track or someone
also interested in working on such projects?


Chris Caston

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