[plug] SLPWA Event - Growing Your I.T. Business V1.0

Sibian isibian at bigpond.net.au
Fri Mar 11 03:31:51 WST 2005

Thanks, that looks great. I checked out the link and I'm interested. I 
couldn't find a price there though. There was a mention of it needing to 
include catering, so I'm hoping it's still within my budget. If someone 
can advise I'd appreciate it.



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Scott Middleton wrote:

>            The Society of Linux Professionals, WA
>                          announces
>                  Growing Your IT Business V1.0
>SLPWA and OSWA have pooled resources to deliver a day of business and
>technical discussion aimed at sole IT practitioners, and micro to medium
>IT businesses who are working with, or interested in, Open Source
>Software in business applications. 
>Motivation for the day grew out of observations of the AOSS6 event
>organised by AUUG in October 2004. The talks were informative but we
>also observed a good deal of lively discussion during the breaks. 
>The format for this new event is to offer key talks about IT service
>provision from a technical and business perspective interspersed with
>longer breaks which give enough time to view demonstrations and talk
>with like-minded IT people about work and industry issues that matter to
>Matt Kemner will be giving hands-on demonstrations of OSS products for
>VoIP deployment which promises to be a lively part of the free time
>For reasons of access to speakers, the event has been booked for 6 April
>which means we'd like to hear from you soon of your intention to attend.
>The major part of your attendance fee is catering and it's important
>that we advise the catering people early that you will be
>As we've explained in the event link, if you spend much of your time
>interacting with end users, the day is a break away from those daily
>activities and a chance to catch up with like-minded IT professionals
>and talk about the bigger picture and opportunities in OSS and IT. 

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