[plug] Sound on Sun Blade 100

Walter HILL regfrem at connect.net.au
Fri Mar 11 10:06:59 WST 2005

W.Kenworthy wrote:

>I dont have a 2.6 system left to do an lsmod on, but even if you have an
>oss only 2.4 system, you look like you are missing a number of modules
>if you are using a fully modular kernel.  Check the kernel build
>directory for the sound modules and see whats available.
The closest I could find was the following link.


Looking at the other loaded modules I wouldn't think that they are 
relevant to my problem.

The three below should do the job?

trident                35896   0  (unused)
ac97_codec             17152   0  [trident]
soundcore               4588   2  [trident]

>Alsa is available for 2.4 - but overall OSS is a lot simpler to setup
>and use, and from a user point of view seems to be less trouble and
>often better quality.
>On Wed, 2005-03-09 at 11:51 +0800, Walter HILL wrote:
>>W.Kenworthy wrote:

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