[plug] Nero launches a version for Linux.

Ben Jensz plug at jensz.id.au
Thu Mar 17 21:52:21 WST 2005

Bernd Felsche wrote:

>Most distros include K3b which doesn't exactly rate in nPa.
>So there's no lack of functional burning software.
>Nero has to bring significantly more at equal or better quality.
I don't agree.  Who do you think Ahead are targeting?  Current Linux 
users?  Nope, I don't think so...  by offering it for free for users 
with a full version of Nero for Windows means they are targeting their 
customers who are currently Windows users.

What does Nero for Linux offer?  A consistent and familiar interface for 
people who may be currently using Windows.  It also does something to 
promote Linux as a viable option, because if customers of Ahead suddenly 
see that their are offering a Linux version it perks interest in Linux 
and makes people perhaps look again at the feasibility of a Linux desktop.

Saying that there is no need for Ahead to have released a Linux version 
of Nero is stupid.  Its like saying we only need one distribution of 
Linux.  There are mutiple distributions because they all do things a bit 
different from another.  Its called choice.

/ Ben

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