[plug] Suse root

doodli doodli at westnet.com.au
Thu May 5 15:26:30 WST 2005

New to Linux so be gentle. Somehow I have managed to stop myself from 
logging on as root. OS is Suse 9.2 . The login screen now only allows 
ordinary users to login, no root login allowed. While in some ways I 
suppose this is OK it is also got me buggered what I did to cause it. 
This is in KDE desktop, I can still press CTRL +ALT +F2 and log in there 
as root and also konsole allows su , so it is only KDE that is being 
difficult to get on with.
Any suggestions gratefully received.
PS Has anyone been able to get their hands on Suse 9.3 yet?

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