[plug] Fwd: [echalk] User Support Position at PLC

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Fri May 6 13:59:26 WST 2005

FYI: very posh, centrally-ish located, nearly 100% Macs, picking up some 
Linux skillz in recent days, any takers?

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Subject: [echalk] User Support Position at PLC
Date: Thursday 05 May 2005 13:25
From: Brett Clarke <bclarke AT plc wa edu au>

This weekend we are advertising for a user support position at PLC.

Mac skills and some unix/linux an obvious advantage.

State of the art CISCO network environment full of buzzwords like
802.1x self healing wireless, SAN, fibre channel, RAID, learning
portals, streaming media, video conferencing. Every teacher (and
that's over 100) has an iSight webcam to go with their iBook laptop -
lots of toys and fun challenges. 750 laptops and 100 desktops (Macs &
PCs). Technology nirvana/utopia does exist!

Starting at 3 days a week but may develop into a full time position
in the near future, joining an existing team of seven in the
Technology Centre here.

No teaching component - just helping people do more with technology.

What could be better than that!

Sure beats a UK classroom (or grappling with OBE)!!

If you don't believe me - ask Mark Stephens (former ECAWA Educator of
the Year), who is on the team and has the great job of spending all
day doing PD with teachers or working on our online materials!

Check out the West on Saturday and
(after Saturday morning)
for the full JDF.

Let me know if you (or someone you know) might be interested.
May even suit someone you know at Uni etc...


Brett Clarke
Director, Information Systems & Services
Apple Distinguished Educator, 2002

Presbyterian Ladies' College
14 McNeil Street

v   +61 8 9424 6483
f   +61 8 9424 6466
m   0428 915 485
e   bclarke at plc wa edu au


Cheers; Leon

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