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Onno Benschop onno at itmaze.com.au
Sun May 8 05:22:08 WST 2005

Hi all,

After searching the 'net for a while I'm none the wiser and I turn to 
those who have been playing with ssh for some guidance.

At present, I have a number of remote hosts that I connect to. For those 
that I can, I have created a .ssh directory, set-up the keys on both 
sides and I can connect without the need for a password prompt.

For other hosts, where I do not have the ability to create an .ssh 
directory, I am prompted for a password for every ssh transaction, be it 
ssh or scp.

This latter behaviour is rather annoying, because many of the passwords 
are machine generated, so I need to look up the password, copy it, and 
then paste it into the password prompt.

I'm happy to do that once per login, but not every time.

How do I do that?

As an aside, for those wondering, "Yes, I am aware of the security 
implications of storing a password on my machine. If I knew a better 
way, I'd be using it."

So, anyone got any suggestions?

(I've looked into ssh-agent, but my understanding is that it needs a set 
of keys on both ends, which appears to me to defeat the purpose.)


Onno Benschop

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