[plug] anyone here REALLY good with GIMP?

Timothy White weirdit at gmail.com
Sun May 8 15:41:08 WST 2005

> > Of course it doesn't help that they only had the logo in .jpg the
> > slogan was in .bmp and done in a custom font that they don't seem to
> > have a copy of :-P
> In that case, you're pretty screwed. You may still be able to vectorise
> it, but the effort involved and the quality of the result depend on the
> resolution and complexity of the original.

If you want, post the jpg on a webserver, send us the link and some of
us (I speak for myself) will look at it and give you an idea of how
hard it would be to vectorise it. I might even do it myself for ya if
it looks easy enough.


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