[plug] "Hyper-Threading, suffers from a serious security flaw,"

Bernd Felsche bernie at innovative.iinet.net.au
Sat May 14 23:38:12 WST 2005

Chris Watt <something.rotten at gmail.com> writes:
>On 5/14/05, Senectus . <senectus at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 5/14/05, Bernard Blackham <bernard at blackham.com.au> wrote:

>> > Intel Xeons come with HT. I've seen those in a lot of servers :)
>> Are you sure?
>> I've never seen a Xeon with HT..
>> I couldn't image anyone taking HT seriously for a server purpose...

>I thought the Xeon was a RISC processor (like the macinbtosh PowerPC)
>which would mean it wouldn't need HT.

>Am I misinformed?

You misunderstood: "Xeon is a risky processor"

Basically it's a Pentium with multiple personality disorder.
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