[plug] CD read errors

Jim Householder nofixed at westnet.com.au
Mon May 16 16:37:05 WST 2005


I used dd to copy the 4 MDK 10.1 Official CDs I got from LinuxIT in 
preparation for making copies to take with me on a trip.  One copied ok, 
but the other 3 had errors at or near the end:

1016:/disks/hdb12/iso:$ dd if=/dev/hdd of=mdk-10.1-4a.iso
dd: reading `/dev/hdd': Input/output error
1429968+0 records in
1429968+0 records out

I have had problems using K3b in the past (something to do with padding 
at the end), and think they may have used it to create these discs.

I have had no problems using the discs.  Before I waste media, is there 
a way to determine if what was copied is a complete and/or sufficient image?


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