[plug] [OT] Amiga 500 free to good home

simon simon at plumtek.com
Wed May 18 23:13:28 WST 2005

My brother has tonnes of these :)

If noone claims it as a working unit, I wouldnt mind grabbing the modulator
and binning the rest for you....

Simon Marko (s.marko at bigpond.com) wrote:
> If anyone can use this (even as a museum piece) they're welcome to it!
> As far as I know (and that's not too far with Amiga) it's a stock A500
> With 3" drive, external power supply and RF tv/video modulator -
> unfortunately no mouse or software of any kind.
> It does boot and display the familiar hand holding a floppy marked
> "kickstart" and that's about all.
> About my pinnacle of using Amiga was 15+ years ago in amigados typing:
> say "yes, computers CAN TALK!!"
> and several other "phrases"
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