[plug] [OT] Engine Manuals

Timothy White weirdit at gmail.com
Fri May 27 12:01:11 WST 2005

I have to do some work on an old Merc 650 Outboard motor. I was
wondering if anyone knew where to get a manual for one of these
without buying it off the net from overseas. Someone said something
about the state library having them but I'm not sure where to start
I'm not sure the exact model just yet as I haven't had the chance to
look into it. If someone has one of these and knows how to clean up
the carbi then feel free to contact me.


(Sorry for the extra list traffic, seemed quite enough that I hope no
one cares, if you care feel free to spam me offlist and I'll
temporarily disable your list membership ;), nah jk, spam me offlist
sure, I won't disable your list membership, someone would probably sit
on me if I did)

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