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Team 3!

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>>Are there no others here that will stand firmly behind the vim
>>The emacs police must have been quietly active around here...
>>Tim Bowden
>I know only as much vim as it takes for simple stuff.. Never used
>If there is beer behind the banner I'll stand there!

That can be arranged.  Given there is no consensus on the vim/emacs
issue, I have a proposal for general consideration.  We should settle
this in the time honoured fashion of putting all contestants in the
ring and last person standing is the winner....

The Ring: Darkzone.  For those that don't know it, think indoor
paintball with phazor guns instead of paint.  I recently had the
chance to play at a kids birthday party and it was more fun than I
thought possible.  It's also a great way of settling disputes.

see http://www.darkzone-wa.com/ for details.

We can do a two hour evening lockout (ie, only pluggers in the arena)
for less than $25 each which should also pay for beer and pizza

We can have 3 teams of 10 each.

If you're interested, put your name down for a team.  If we get
enough interest, we can settle the issue for a 12 month period [1].

Team 1: VIM Rules
1.  Tim Bowden

Team 2: EMACS

Team 3:Get a Life.  Any Text editor is better than either of those!

If you have a particular preference as to weeknight (Monday to
Thursday) than make a note of it.  All going well we will be able to
get a night when most people are able to show up (assuming we get
enough interest...)

Just a thought,
Tim Bowden

[1]  If you play, and are on the winning team, you can claim your
favourite editor is the best without having to justify your claim. 
If you loose, you have to acknowledge the superiority of the winning
team's editor whenever you recommend your own choice for the next 12
months.  Sound fair?

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