[plug] Squid and Windows Update Cache

Ryan ryan at is.as.geeky.as
Thu Nov 3 15:11:56 WST 2005

That's the hit you take for the first time.  I ususally stop the
download as you suggested and start it later, though most of the time I
just leave it and let it be.

I can't think of any way to overcome this given the way it uses wget
externally to fetch the file.  Pausing and waiting for wget to finish
would normally result in the browser timing out.


On Thu, 2005-11-03 at 14:54 +0800, Shannon Carver wrote:
> Ryan, 
> I've been playing around with that Windows_Update Script.  One thing I
> noticed its doing is, if you download an update, it downloads it to the
> proxy cache, as well as to the requesting computer.  I can understand
> why its doing it, I'm grabbing the file on the host computer, and the
> proxy's running wget to grab the file as well.
> Is there a way you can get it to download to the proxy machine, then to
> the host machine, apart from stopping the download, then starting it
> again?  Or have I set up something completely wrong.
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