[plug] DVD authoring

Timothy White weirdit at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 16:46:47 WST 2005

On 11/5/05, Mike Holland <myk.list at westnet.com.au> wrote:
> Timothy White wrote:
> > Tim
> > (I've just finished producing my first DVD under Linux! It's not that
> > hard actually!)
> Tim, did you include menus? chapters?
> I've managed to easily burn a few digital TV recordings to DVD using
> Linux (see URL below) without menus. Its actually nice to just insert
> the DVD in the player and have it start playing, just like VHS :-)

I did have menus on mine. Just a basic picture, with text buttons. I
used DVD styler (IIRC) which created most of the stuff for me, even
the iso (although I tweaked it my self manually later).
It basically is a front end to DVD author.

I think now that I have the concept, I'd be able to do lots more,
including add a chapters menu. I had put the chapters in, so you could
skip to the next part of the play, but no menu for selecting chapters.

I think what I would do with TV episodes, is have it auto play, but
still have the menu accessible. It's all to do with pre/post commands
in the dvdauthor xml file.


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