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On Sat, 2005-11-05 at 17:16 +0800, Timothy White wrote:
> I'm not 100% sure what 'rhel 3' is, but in general you can run 2
> instances of apache on any box. You need to specify a different port
> for one though (so one on port 80, and maybe one on 81?)
> I think you'll find, depending on which apache 'engine' it is running,
> it'll probably add a little bit of memory, but not CPU.

We are stuck with Apache 1.3 which ships with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
V3. Increased ram requirements I can handle.  Increased cpu is not good-
even though I have 2 x dual cpu (xeon) dell servers.  When the cgi app
(mapserver) gets to 100% cpu it produces incorrect results without
throwing error reports.  Yuck.  We need it to go as far as possible
before we get to that point.  I'm trying to work out some quick and
dirty simple load balancing between the two machines.  

The complicating
factor is that all traffic comes in through one of two VPN's and must go
out the same VPN no matter which machine it gets processed on.

Thanks for the info Tim.



Have you had a look at iptables MARKing?

I've had dual homed (Dual ADSL) router setups before where traffic is given a MARK x depending on which interface it came through, and it (iptables) set to reply on the same interface... 

I'd also seriously look at redoing the CGI scripts if they're that intensive. Dual Xeon (or opteron - to save a flame war) servers should be able to cope with almost everything...



(pls forgive the owa... )


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