[plug] borderless, fullscreen windows - fluxbox

John Knight anarchist_tomato at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 8 11:13:45 WST 2005

>>a mate of mine is trying to customise damn small linux so that fluxbox 
>>starts up with firefox automatically in fullscreen and obliterates the 
>>rest of the screen (ala pie-link), with no window border.
>>any ideas on
>>1. the firefox command
>I just tried 'firefox --help', and it gives arguments for width and height. 
>Or see 'man X' for generic geometry settings.

fair enough. ;)

>>2. the window borders?
>Thats done by the window manager, so RTFM for whatever window manager 
>fluxbox uses. Or you could try running without a WM.

running without  a wm sounds interesting, never realised you could. any 
ideas how to go about that?

cheers mate. :)

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