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Alex Nordstrom lx at se.linux.org
Wed Nov 9 18:10:55 WST 2005

Wednesday, 9 November 2005 16:13, Jon Miller wrote:
> Like to know how to install a perl module.  Is it done as such:
> cpan install module::name

That's probably your second or third option.

Your first step should be to check whether the module is packaged by 
your distribution. For example, if you were running Debian and wanted 
to install XML::Parser, you'd say something like

aptitude search '~dXML::Parser'

and you'd find out that it's in the package called libxml-parser-perl, 
so you'd then say

aptitude install libxml-parser-perl

to install it. That way, you won't be the one spreading infectious code 
when a vulnerability for the Perl module you forgot that you're relying 
on gets out, because it'll get updated with the rest of your system.

(I've already had the an Indonesian host donning an XML Slapper worm 
Halloween costume knocking on my door. It was denied both trick and 
treat, but the admin responsible got a get-well-soon e-mail. That could 
just as well have been a Perl module vulnerability.)

For the above reason, if your distribution doesn't package the modules 
you need, change to one that does. (Ha ha, only serious.)

Your second option would probably be to use a tool that turns the module 
into a package for your distribution, if such a tool exists. Once 
again, in Debian, you'd first install dh-make-perl and then run 
something like

dh-make-perl --build --cpan Module::Name

Alex Nordstrom
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