[plug] Opensource groupware STILL SUCKS!

Mr Shayne shayne at guild.murdoch.edu.au
Sun Nov 13 00:51:49 WST 2005

>  On the client side, I find Kontact to be one of the most competent but 
> frequently overlooked solutions (keeping in mind, of course, that 
> everyone has different requirements). It supports both Kolab and 
> Citadel as well as a bunch of others, including partial support (as in 
> "it kinda works", not as in making official endorsements) for MS 
> Exchange.
> Kontact reportedly runs under Cygwin, and Klarälvdalens Datakonsult is 
> working on a proper port for legacy MS Windows.

That would be a real win for those of us in the "linux in the back, 
windows/OSX out the front" world.

>  I havn't actually tried it yet, but, from the little I have read KDE PIM now has a nice universal sharing aspect. Sorry I can't remember the name right now.
> There are even a variety of clients available for MS and MAC platforms.
> >From memory a web based client is also available.
> Would be interested to hear what the comunity thinks of this solution.

I sorta half feel "web portal" groupware has kind of been a bit of a 
poison to development of real quality groupware, by providing an excuse 
not to develop proper client-side groupware. The other problem is that web 
groupware misses what really makes groupware tick, and thats the messaging 
side of it. collaboration in real time. this is something groupwise and 
exchange do well, and seemingly none, (except perhaps citadel) of the 
others do. Regardless, my experience, is that folks just dont seem to 
really like the web based solutions. too clunky, and not integratable. 
Perhaps ajax might change that, but for now I think its bit of a dead end.

> I will post the name of this solution if it comes to me.
> I would do a search but 32k dialup connections are WAY TO SLOW!!!!!
> David

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